Chetwynde School, Croslands, Rating Lane, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA13 0NY

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Chetwynde School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience


Welcome to the Reception class at Chetwynde School!

Here at Chetwynde, the children in Reception class enjoy their learning in our beautiful indoor and outdoor environments. We recognise the importance of developing children’s independence through play and provide a rich learning environment, to enable children to explore and be curious about the world we live in. We have an emphasis on natural materials and the classroom is based on the Communication Friendly Approach, with neutral colours that allows the children's work and colour to stand out, as well as 'real' items to play and learn with, instead of plastic. 

We have a long term plan that is based around core themes such as; Valuing Others, Fair and Unfair and Sustainable Development, with a core text to support the focus and general topic provocations, along with identified new vocabulary for the children to learn.  However, as we follow the Early Years Curriculum, we have a 'Planning in the Moment' approach, whereby we follow the children's interests and extend their learning through our observations and interactions. We also have focus children each week, where we communicate with parents and home about their child's next steps for learning. 

Our staff focus on children’s well-being and encourage the children to control their own learning, having a focus on the process, rather than just the end product. We encourage the children to solve problems, within our indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Throughout the year, the children will enjoy our 'Welly Wednesday' afternoons in our wonderful school grounds and enjoy visitors in school and trips outside of school.

We follow The EYFS Framework, which underpins all future learning, by promoting and developing the following prime and specific areas of learning:


Communication, Language and Literacy

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

Physical development




Expressive Arts and Design

Understanding the World


The learning in Reception class is always lots of fun and every day we learn something new!


Mrs K Stepanian and the Reception Team