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Reading for Success

Chetwynde has a thriving reading culture and we have built it with passion and a deep belief that reading ability is the foundation block for your child's success in our school and for the life they will lead in the future.

D.E.A.R. Time


Why is reading so important?

Studies show that reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children’s educational performance. 

Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge, and a better understanding of other cultures.

In fact, reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background.

D.E.A.R. Time
D.E.A.R. Time

How Can I Help My Child Choose a Book to Read?


This is a great website with up to date recommendations.