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Chetwynde School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience


Vision & Values:

“You cannot teach a man everything in his life, but you can help him to discover it in himself" 

Galileo Galilei.


We inspire to teach our students to: -

Think like scientists. By modelling scientific methodology, we enable our students to test theories using scientific processes.

Apply ideas to familiar and unfamiliar contexts across many worldwide situations.

Challenge current and historical ideas.

Know a vast body of scientific knowledge, to prepare them for later life, and enable them to make responsible choices for the future.

Learn about new technologies and the impact they have on the world we live in.

Enjoy the revelations that science offers

 In this ever-changing world, our students are prepared to become the scientific thinkers for our future.



Meet the Science Department

Science at Chetwynde school is taught by subject specialists. The majority of our teachers have worked in the industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and inspiration into our classrooms.

Mrs S Mulaney: (       )Experienced science laboratory technician, with a background in working in laboratories in the industry. 

Mrs J Holmes: (2016) Biology Teacher and examiner for GCSE biology.  BSc Hons degree in Sport and exercise science. Science teacher for seven years. Previously children's sports coach, football coach and gym instructor. Played for Blackburn Rovers premier league team.

Mrs G Salton: (2016) Previous teacher of A level physics and held a career in manufacturing management, consultancy and process automation. Holds an honorary degree in control engineering and a masters degree in manufacturing sciences. He is a fellow of manufacturing management at Cranfield University.

Mrs E Walton: (2018) Biology and physics teacher. Previously worked in police intelligence. BSc Hons 

Mr Ashton Coward (2018) Part-time teacher of KS3 science and science/maths Year 9.

Mrs Angela Thornton (2016) Part-time teacher of KS3 science.

Mrs S Berry: (2015) Chemistry teacher and head of science. Previously worked as a chemical engineer. Examiner for IGCSE and A level chemistry; author of many published science textbooks, including A level. (BSc Hons Chemical Engineering)



The Science Curriculum

At Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8) we follow the National Curriculum. Students are taught a range of topics across biology, chemistry and physics.

Biology:- cells, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, photosynthesis, reproduction in humans and plants, digestion, disease and ecological relationships.

Chemistry: solids, liquids and gases, separating mixtures, chemical reactions, acids and bases, metal reactivity, extraction of metals, pollution and impact, rock cycle.

Physics:- Forces and their effects, energy transfers, sound and light, contact and non-contact forces, pressure, magnetism, static electricity, electrical circuits and space.

At Key Stage 4 (years 9,10 and 11) we prepare as many students as possible to take separate sciences. Most students are prepared from year 9 to study for three separate GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics. 

Other students take Dual Award (Trilogy) Science providing them with two GCSEs in science. 

A few students are prepared for Entry Level science.

All our students follow the AQA exam board.

The specifications can be found on the following links:-



Chetwynde School Science results

Science is one of the most successful subjects at Chetwynde school and within the county. We are one of the top-performing science departments in Cumbria.  With year-on-year outstanding results, our team is dedicated to ensuring that every child makes the progress they are capable of. 


 Separate Science Results 2019


Our results




Our results



%L7+ Our Results %L7+ National


Our Results

Biology 88 80 63 63 49 42 21
Chemistry 81 79 61 62 52 44 23
Physics 84 79 71 62 45 44 19


 Trilogy (Dual Award) Science Results in 2019

%L4+ %L5+ %L6+ %L7+
Chetwynde School 92 32 16 5
National 55 34 16 7

Extracurricular Opportunities:

The science department organises a number of trips and enriching opportunities to look forward to as part of the study of Science. These are ever-expanding but include:

Year 7/8 –  science club, run at lunchtimes, which will prepare students for Crest Awards, where they can develop their skills to gain Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Year 7 and 8 students take part in the National Salter's chemistry, biology and physics festivals every year.

In Years 10/11 selected students will take part in a prestigious school competition known as “Top of the Form” which is hosted by BAE Systems in Barrow-in-Furness, competing again STEM teams across the south Furness area. Chetwynde School has won this competition more times than any other school.

Our Science department offers opportunities for students to go expeditions to exotic locations during the summer holidays with a company known as Operation Wallacea. Students spend time in a rain forest environment for the first week, learning how to capture and examine a whole range of organisms, from invertebrates to mammals. They attend lectures to learn more about the organisms in tropical and other types of forest. During the second week, students spend time on the coral reefs, learning how to dive, collect organisms and investigate the health of the coral reef. In 2017, a small group of students went to Honduras in the Caribbean, in 2018 a group went to Mexico and a trip to Croatia is planned.