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Performing Arts Award

As a school we are looking at options of how we can include music in our KS4 options as we know this is an area we have pupils interested in pursuing.  Therefore we are considering adding the option of a KS4 qualification in performing arts which would be the Level 2 vocational award in Performing Arts offered through the Eduqas exam board, this is a GCSE equivalent course and gives the same qualification as a GCSE, allowing students to continue their further education studies. Unlike the GCSE Drama course, the Performing Arts course includes Music, Dance, Musical Theatre and Music Technology and the units can be personalised to the learner's strengths and specialist area.


The course is split into 3 areas:


  • Performing - In this unit learners will gain a holistic knowledge and understanding of the skills and techniques needed to reproduce an existing piece of professional/published work.  
  • (30% of overall grade) 


  • Creating -  In this unit learners will gain, develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the skills and techniques needed to create and refine original work in the performing arts. This can be creating a devised drama piece or composing using instruments or music technology, depending on the learner's strengths.  
  • (30% of overall grade) 


  • Performing Arts in Practice  - Creatives are given the opportunity to plan and create various pieces of work by responding to industry commissions. They will work to a brief commissioned by an arts organisation to plan a performance. In order for artists to be successful in securing paid commissions, they will need to have a good understanding of the business and management sector of the performing arts industry.  This unit introduces learners to areas of the performing arts that need to be considered when responding to an industry commission.
  • (40% of overall grade)

Unlike the GCSE Drama course there is no written exam at the end of the 2 years, there is a controlled 20 hour supervised assessment which will take place in managed timeslots from January - May in 2024 (the students exam year).


If you are interested in this course please speak to Mrs Parkinson on options evening. 


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