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Respect, Responsibility, Resilience


The course is based on physical and human geography. The syllabus allows students to investigate the link between the two themes, and examine the battles between the man-made and natural worlds.


Paper 1  - Living with the Physical Environment

  • Hazards of the natural environment
  • Landscapes of the UK
  • Ecosystems  - rainforests & cold environments


Paper 2 - Challenges in the Human Environment

  • Urban Issues and Challenges
  • Changing Economic World
  • Resource Management


Paper 3  -  Geographical Skills and ApplicatioMap skills

  • Graphical skills
  • Numerical skills

Students are to undertake two pieces of fieldwork out of school during the course to gather the necessary evidence for the exam.


Further Study and Careers

We all live our lives geographically. Planet Earth is our home. It is diverse, inspiring

and ever-changing. Studying geography helps us to participate more fully in the

challenges of this dynamic world. It helps us better understand the places we live in,

why they matter and how they are connected to a globalised world.  Geography also

serves as a useful bridging subject between the Arts and the Sciences.  There are

many skills involved which can be used in a wide variety of subjects and careers.