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Respect, Responsibility, Resilience


This course aims to make history relevant and stimulating for students. It provides the opportunity to examine contrasting periods and builds on work done throughout KS3. 

History is a wide-ranging, challenging and interesting subject.  Through studying History, you will learn how to analyse evidence from a variety of sources and viewpoints and to present your findings effectively, both orally and in written form.  Such skills, and broad knowledge of the development of the world around us, are highly valued by employers and applicable to a wide range of post-16 courses and careers.  

Paper 1: Understanding the Modern World:

  1. Period Study: Germany, 1890-1945
  2.   World Depth Study: Conflict & Tension: 1918-39

  Paper 2: Shaping the Nation:

  1. Thematic Study: Health & the People (Medicine)
  2. British Depth Study: Norman England, c.1066-1100



            Two exams, each of 2 hours