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COURSE OUTLINE GCSE Physical Education

Exam Board: Edexcel 

Physical Education consists of 2 externally examined papers and 2 non-examined assessment components.


Component 1: Fitness and Body systems

  • Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes = /90 marks - 36% of the qualification.
  • Content overview – Applied anatomy and physiology, Movement analysis, Physical training, Use of data.


Component 2: Health and Performance

  • Written examination: 1 hour 15 minutes = /70 marks - 24% of the qualification.
  • Content overview - Health, fitness and well-being, Sport psychology, Socio-cultural influences, Use of data

Both written papers consist of multiple-choice, short-answer and extended writing questions


Component 3: Practical Performance

  • Non-examined assessment: internally marked and externally moderated: /105 marks – 30% of the qualification. 
  • Assessment overview – consists of students completing 3 physical activities from a set list. One must be a team activity, one must be an individual activity, and the final activity can be a free choice


Component 4: Personal Exercise Programme (PEP)

  • Non-examined assessment: internally marked and externally moderated:/20 marks – 10% of the qualification
  • Content overview – Aim and planning analysis, carrying out and monitoring the PEP, Evaluation of the PEP
  •  Assessment overview – consists of students producing a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP), and will require students to analyse and evaluate their performance.


The GCSE course links directly to the A2 Physical Education course.