Chetwynde School, Croslands, Rating Lane, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA13 0NY

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Chetwynde School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

The Behaviour for Learning system at Chetwynde School aims to: 


  1. Reward all students for meeting and exceeding the high expectations that staff have of them; 
  2. Ensure that students failing to meet agreed expectations face appropriate and consistent consequences



  • Auto Rewards(4pts) will be awarded to each student present each lesson as the class register is taken. 
  • Additional Reward Points, carrying a value of 2-4pts each, may also be given for smaller numbers of students at the discretion of the class teacher for the following: 
  • Outstanding Effort – 4pts 
  • Excellent Work – 4pts 
  • Positive Contribution – 4pts 
  • The Golden Brownie Point – 4pts – awarded to any student who makes an explicit connection between their learning and current affairs/the wider world.
  • Homework– 2pts.  

Each week, Form Tutors will share and discuss information with students on their performance within the form, year group and school.

Appropriate rewards will be delivered on a regular basis and celebrated with students in assemblies. They may also be invited to Cakey Breaky or Hot Chocolate Friday.



Inappropriate conduct in the classroom will be recorded using the system of consequences as below: 

  • C1– a ‘rule and reminder’ is given to students; no further action. 
  • C2– a verbal warning; this carries a value of -2pts. 
  • C3– a final verbal warning; this carries a value of -4pts. 
  • C4– the student is removed to work in a ‘matrix’ classroom; -4pts plus detention.

Additional consequences to support good organisation: 

  • C2L – Late to the lesson; this carries a value of -2pts. 
  • C2E – Lack of equipment; this carries a value of -2pts. 
  • C2H- Lack of homework; this carries a value of -4pts