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10 April 2020 (by admin)

10th April 2020

Dear Year Eleven, 

I hope you are all well and coping with the current situation. Don't forget we are still here to help and support you through this period. I would urge you to maintain contact with your teachers as the Easter Break comes to an end on Tuesday next week. Even though you are not taking your exams, you may find you still want to engage with some learning or start to think about how you might begin to prepare for your next steps. Your teachers may be able to advise you of wider reading to support the subjects you are going on to study or point you the direction of resources that may be useful, for example.

Today, Ofqual, published this video to summerise the arrangements for how your grades will be awarded and I include the link here for you: 

Kind regards,

Miss Robinson

Assistant Headteacher - Teaching & Learning