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It's More Than the National Curriculum!

So what will this page be all about?

All that other 'stuff' that doesn't make it on to the National Curriculum (N.C.)! 

There is so much to learn in life other than the prescripted N.C. To be fair, without a qualified teacher in front of you, it will be hard to learn some of it by yourself at home.

So, I will also be looking out for other learning opportunities that will complement N.C.,  that will foster all sorts of skill-building, broader knowledge and help keep your brains ticking over!

Set up a Learning Window

I love this idea. It will encourage children to take pride in their learning and motivate them to update and organise what they are learning. It is also community-minded as it will help other parents to 'magpie' ideas.

More on Windows!

Painting a rainbow in your window - cheer up the world passing by (who will all be social distancing of course!)

Skill: Random Act of Kindness

Learning Point: Review the correct order for the colours of the rainbow. 

Travel around the world and see rare treasures and art work.

You Could:

  1. Make a travelogue of the most interesting things you see.
  2. Find things that connect to something you have been doing in school already.
  3. Make a museum of interesting objects from around your home.


Digital Theatre Plus

This freebie is one NOT to be missed - by senior school particularly! Usually, a paid service, but given up free at the moment; Digital Theatre Plus collate all sorts of top quality Shakespeare and other literary classics productions. I will be glued to this site while it is free. 

Two honourable mentions:

Romeo and Juliet performed by the RSC for school last year. A young cast, full of energy and excellent storytelling. All of Year-Ten should watch this! 

Much-Ado-About-Nothing performed by David Tennant as Benedick and Catherine Tate as Beatrice. Their comic partnership is pure gold.

username: julius
password: Theatre123

British Sign Language are currently offering a discounted rate for their CPD for key workers. It is a 20 hour course and looks quite good. Could be something for older children to do?

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