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Chetwynde School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

A Flavour of Our School!

We selected some of our favourite videos to share with you so you can get a feel of the school. A big thank you to all of the students and staff who contributed.

Student Promo Video!

Hearing that we wanted to promote the school, some of our students decide to have a go at doing it themselves - very Chetwynde!

Reception Settling In

Did we hire a professional to take these photographs? No - we look to our own for talent and reception teacher, Mrs Stapanion, is just that - a talented photographer and most importantly a role model to students who love photography! 

Our Senior Students are Role-modelling to Our Primary Children.

During Lockdown, we wanted to make sure our community did not dwindle, so we created the ChetChat Facebook page to share everything we were all doing. Out of this came this gem of a video - our older students connecting with the younger ones. Priceless!

Lockdown Sign Language!

As teachers at Chetwynde, we know that modelling the values we wish to see in our young people is crucial if we want them to live these values for themselves. During the lockdown, we challenged our teachers to learn sign language. Shortly after this video went out, we had quite a number back from the children having a go themselves - job done!

Missing Everyone During Lockdown! 

When we say there is a family feel in the school, we mean it. Yes - exam results matter, but being a community that cares is just as important if not more. Keeping connected during difficult days was so important to us, and we sent this video out to everyone. 

Do you want your child to reach their potential in exams?

Do you want your child to experience a family feel environment?

Do you value a rounded curriculum and teaching ethos that asks for your child's very best?

Do you want a holistic approach that sees your child's strengths and nurtures them?

Do you want a school that sees your child for who they are?

Then #choosechetwynde and become a part of something extraordinary.