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Chetwynde School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Success in later life is not just guided by academic success but also by becoming a kind, thoughtful and happy individual. At Chetwynde, personal development is valued highly. Throughout the curriculum, students learn how to develop the school values of Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience to complement their academic achievement. Inspiring weekly assemblies focus on a weekly value (which mirrors the values of all mainstream religions) and are referenced by teachers during the week.


Each week also highlights a Career of the Week and Root Word of the week.


As our students arrive at assembly, they watch a slideshow of images as they wait for the assembly to begin. These are images, quotes, ideas, nuggets of knowledge and inspiration from the world we live in and are intended to provoke curiosity about what it means to be human. The slide show is accompanied by music which will usually complement the value of the week or give exposure to a different genre of music that the student may not be familiar with.

Assemblies also highlight the success of our students and is a time when we recognise and reward members of our school community for their achievements in all aspects of school life.

Below are some examples of our assemblies.



Example of an Assembly Starter