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Chetwynde School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Chetwynde - An All-through Curriculum 


As an all-through school, Chetwynde’s curriculum offers an ambitious and seamless learning journey from Early Years through to Year 11. Our knowledge-rich curriculum challenges educational and social disadvantages and gives every student the aspiration to achieve highly.


Our curriculum builds powerful knowledge, acknowledging that every child has the entitlement to a rich, deep body of knowledge that inspires them to look outwards into the world, equipped with the foundations to make meaning of what they encounter, contribute to society and achieve social mobility. The curriculum is broad and balanced and in line with the National Curriculum; each subject builds knowledge in a sequential manner to pave the way towards national qualifications, continued study in further education and develop wider cultural capital. 


Our curriculum is designed and mapped by primary and secondary teachers working together. Subject specialists plan backwards from an ambitious endpoint, identifying the key concepts and knowledge required, at each stage, in each subject to create a carefully considered flow of learning. Each step builds on what went before and leads to what will come next, enabling students to see the overarching direction of the curriculum and understand how all learning is connected. 


Underpinning our curriculum design is a commitment to excellent teaching practice rooted in educational research. So that our students can make consistently good progress, is important that how we teach has a proven impact on learning retention. Rosenshine’s Principles are employed to underpin the delivery of our curriculum alongside an understanding of cognitive science. An appreciation of how learning happens informs how the curriculum builds schemata, so that knowledge sticks and can be recalled and applied to different contexts and situations. 


Our learning journey begins in Stage 1 (Kindergarten – Year 3). Where a focus on structured phonics (Little Wandle), writing and mathematics (White Rose) provide a firm foundation for access to the broader curriculum. Learning to read, as a skill and for pleasure, is an absolute priority for our children during this stage and the next. 


In the middle phase, Stage 2 (Year 4 – Year 7), the learning journey continues to build and strengthen skills in English and Mathematics whilst securing fundamental knowledge across the full range of curriculum subjects. Students benefit from a smooth step from Year 6 into Year 7, eliminating the traditional transition gap. During this stage, students are guided to see the interconnectedness of the curriculum and so develop deeper schemas of knowledge. They are explicitly taught metacognition skills to equip them with effective study habits. 


In the final phase, Stage 3 (Years 8-11), the curriculum is broad for as long as possible, with GCSE options being chosen towards the end of Year 9. Our GCSE offer is designed to give students the greatest chance of future success whilst supporting the needs of local employers. A strong core in the EBacc - offers English, Mathematics, Science, French and History or Geography. PSHE supports student personal development, covering a wide range of issues. All students also study RE and can choose two further options from high-value subjects such as computing, Art, Design, Performing Arts and PE. 


At Chetwynde, we believe in enthusing our students with a zest for learning and life. Building powerful knowledge opens the door to the world and encourages students to explore their possibilities confidently.